Acme Interio


Quality of base material used

Plywood & HDHMR


  • Extra tough with improved screw holding strength

Plywood - Calibrated 710 grade BWP

  • State of the art technology for surface calibration with exceptional finish
  • 20 year warranty for water and termite damage


Quality of paints used

Polyurethane (P.U.) Shutter Paints

Our products and finishing boast of the following properties:

P.U. paints

  • Premium quality zero VOCs or zero emissions paints
  • Extra scratch and stain resistance

At Acme, we take pride in our superior finishing and product quality.


Our premium-grade external finishing has been specifically designed for higher durability, healthy living, and a luxurious look.

No bending issues

At Acme, we use advanced German adhesion technology for pasting laminates, acrylic, and edge band tapes. It eliminates the problem of bending shutters, has excellent bond strength, and provides a smooth surface finish.


Quality of adhesives used

Adhesives used for laminates, acrylic and edge banding tape


  • Best-in-class quality zero VOCs or zero emissions adhesives
  • Extra strong bond strength
  • State-of-the-art German technology – zero issues of bending and exemplary surface finish


Quality of edges

Finish of carcase & shutter edges

  • Latest German technology – Smooth and aesthetic edges
  • No visible joint line between edge banding tape and shutter

At Acme, we use sophisticated German technology for edge banding and finishing. It provides a seamless look with rounded edges. Unique cutting technology is used for rounding the edges of all types of tapes and edges. Leading to the best quality edges in lower production time.

Seamless & rounded edges


Quality of fittings

Accessories and hardware

  • Best quality German accessories and hardware – soft close
  • Lifetime product warranty

At Acme, we use premium quality German accessories and hardware and are the OEMs of Hettich. It provides a soft close movement and easy movement of drawers and drawers. Providing the best quality at affordable prices.


Quality of finish

Kitchen and wardrobe shutter styles

  • Intricate and international range of stutter designs
  • Unparalleled product finish

At Acme, we use we manufacture an exclusive range of kitchen and wardrobe shutter designs, ranging from classic European, American, and modern contemporary styles.

Our unique range of shutters is made possible by our advanced machines, and high skilled labor force. Providing the best quality at the lowest prices.


Quality of wooden accessories

Wooden storage accessories

  • Teak wood accessories and handles – with P.U. paint finish
  • Luxurious look and efficient storage option

At Acme, we manufacture an exclusive range of wooden accessories and handles for easier and smart storage in kitchens and wardrobes.

It provides excellent utility to kitchen drawers and wardrobe shelves which are usually messed up. Also, it gives an aesthetic appeal to the kitchen and wardrobes. Providing the best quality at the lowest prices.


Quality of service

Kitchen and wardrobe installation time

  • 1-2 days installation time